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19th century fund assisted 30,000

2001-10-13 | Salt Lake City | The Perpetual Education Fund, announced in April and further explained in the priesthood session of conference, is patterned after the Perpetual Emigration Fund. Here are some historical facts provided by the Church Public Affairs Department about the Perpetual Emigration Fund.

  • The Perpetual Emigration Fund provided financial assistance for more than 30,000 needy Latter-day Saints from the United States and Europe who were emigrating to Utah between 1849 and 1887.
  • Latter-day Saints who financed their own expenses also benefited from a well-organized emigration system. During the system’s 38 years of operation, Perpetual Emigration Fund officers aided more than 100,000 people by chartering ships, helping emigrants pass through inspection, organizing wagon trains, and purchasing provisions. Of these emigrants, 87,000 came from England and northern Europe. ...

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