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Perpetual Education Fund helps 5,360

2002-10-26 | Salt Lake City | In the 18 months since President Gordon B. Hinckley announced the need to help educate young men and women in less advantaged countries, the Church has issued 5,360 loans through its Perpetual Education Fund.

“Think what that will mean,” said Elder John K. Carmack, managing director of the Church’s Perpetual Education Fund and an emeritus General Authority. “Think that each of those loans affects many people—loan recipients have families, will hold Church positions, will raise children who will go on missions.”

It is hard to imagine the far-reaching effects of this program, created to help returned missionaries and other needy members in less-developed countries obtain an education needed for job skills, without which they cannot rise out of poverty, become self-reliant, provide for their families, and serve the Church, said Elder Carmack. ...

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