PEF Path to Success:

Applying for and Succeeding with a PEF Loan

Each PEF participant begins at the bottom and climbs up, and we help one another along the way. The PEF path to success, represented by this arrow below, has five basic steps, each with specific activities.

Click on each of the steps below for their description:

1. Dream

The first step is to dream. Planning begins with a vision of what you want to do or be. Vision leads to direction and action. President Gordon B. Hinckley taught: “You have an obligation to make the most of your life. Plan now for all the education you can get, and then work to bring to pass a fulfillment of that plan” (“Four B’s for Boys,” Ensign, Nov. 1981, 40).

It will help you to attend, if possible, one of the Education and Employment firesides held in your stake or district at least annually. All Church members and friends are invited. Leaders help all who attend gain a greater vision of their potential and show how they can achieve that potential through worthy dreams, education, and better work.

2. Plan and Qualify

The second step is to turn that dream into a powerful plan. The Planning for Success Workshop helps you clarify your vision by creating a Work Plan, an Education Plan, and a Finance Plan. These plans are essential parts of your overall plan for success. You will be able to apply your work, education, and finance plans successfully if you spend quality time doing your homework in this workshop.

  • If you are just starting to explore possible jobs, these assignments and plans can help you learn where you need additional help.
  • If you have already selected your future work, these activities will help you confirm and refine what you already feel is best.

This experience will also help you determine if you need a Perpetual Education Fund (PEF) loan. If a PEF loan is needed, applicants Qualify through their priesthood leaders (Priesthood Leader Endorsement). The Planning for Success Workshop taught by the Self Reliance Services Centers is the key activity at this step.

3. Apply

If you have found that a PEF loan is needed, your next step is to apply for a loan using the online PEF Application. You may use a computer at your local Self Reliance Services Centers, institute of religion, family history center, or anywhere else there is an Internet connection.

You will need:

  • The information from your plans in the Planning for Success Workshop.
  • Personal contact information for yourself and others close to you.
  • LDS Account username and password.

If you have questions about the application, you may call the Help Desk team at the PEF Mentoring Center. Volunteers in your stake may also be able to help you.

Your application will be reviewed online by qualified staff to make sure it is a good plan for your local area. If there are questions, they will get back with you. Then it will be sent to a PEF Loan Committee to make a decision on your loan request.

4. Commit

If your PEF loan is approved, the Mentoring Center will set up a loan interview with you where you will make important commitments.

You will need:

  • Your completed Priesthood Leader Endorsement (page of the Planning for Success Workshop booklet)
  • Evidence of enrollment and attendance at institute if you are a young single adult
  • Your Planning for Success workbook with complete Work, Education, and Finance Plans
  • An invoice or other official school document showing the costs of your education, including dates due, disbursement amounts, and payment schedule
  • Evidence of satisfactory progress in school (if this is a renewal application)

If your Area Office uses Debit Order or Auto Pay for loan payments, you will need to have a bank account prior to the loan interview. Please bring your bank account number and the form that authorizes the bank to make automatic withdrawals for loan payments. The PEF Mentoring Center representative will help you with any questions.

The school you have chosen will be paid once the loan interview is complete, the loan mentor interview is also complete and when your first payment is received. If you have any questions please contact the PEF Mentoring Center.

5. Study, Graduate, Improve Work, and Repay Loan

This last step is the best part, and also the longest and most difficult. Over a period of years, you will study, complete your training, find better work, and keep your commitment to repay the loan. You will accomplish these goals through great effort, faith in the Lord, integrity, and growing self-reliance.

Once you enter school, there will be challenges and sacrifices to make. You might keep track of your progress by checking off each of these specific steps as you succeed:

  • Attend school, make progress, get help when needed
  • If possible, complete an internship or apprenticeship
  • Renew your loan each year as necessary
  • Graduate or certify
  • Attend the Career Workshop at the Self Reliance Services Center. It is strongly recommended that you take this excellent workshop before graduation. It will prepare you with a résumé, interviewing skills, job networks, and more
  • Obtain better work
  • Keep your commitments, including timely loan repayment. Loan repayment shows your integrity and growing self-reliance
  • Help others who are attempting to achieve their dreams
  • Continue to serve in your family and the Church; achieve the prophetic promises

“We have begun this work of making it possible for our faithful and able young men and women to climb the ladder which will assure them of … success.” Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign, Nov. 2001, 53

How do I apply for a PEF loan?

  • Attend the Planning for Success Workshop
  • Select a preferred job, preferred program, and preferred school from the local PEF Preferred List
  • Select a PEF Loan Mentor
  • Be interviewed and approved by a member of your bishopric or branch presidency
  • Sign in and complete the online loan application here

Who may apply for a PEF loan?

  • Temple-worthy member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • 18 years of age and older
  • If Young Single Adult, enrolled and active in an Institute of Religion (married students and those over 30 are not required to attend institute)
  • Living and attending school in a PEF-approved country; currently, PEF is not available in the United States or Canada

Is PEF available in the country where I live?

PEF has been approved and is available in the following countries:
American Samoa India Philippines
Argentina Indonesia Puerto Rico
Belize Ivory Coast Russia
Bolivia Jamaica Samoa
Botswana Kenya Sierra Leone
Brazil Kiribati South Africa
Cambodia Lesotho Spain
Cape Verde Liberia Suriname
Chile Madagascar Swaziland
Colombia Malawi Tanzania
Costa Rica Mexico Thailand
Dominican Republic Mongolia Tonga
DR Congo Mozambique Trinidad and Tobago
Ecuador Namibia Uganda
El Salvador Nicaragua Uruguay
Fiji Nigeria Vanuatu
Ghana Pakistan Venezuela
Guatemala Panama Zambia
Guyana Papua New Guinea Zimbabwe
Haiti Paraguay
Honduras Peru

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