PEF Mentoring Centers


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50-03-3850 (metropolitan area)

USA or Canada

Currently PEF is NOT available in the United States or Canada. However, the PEF Department administers one other fund: the Yount Fund. For more information about qualifications and eligibility click here.

--USA or Canada
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1-801-240-2850 (USA)

PEF Headquarters

--PEF Headquarters
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1-801-240-0541 (USA)

Rest of the World

If you are a PEF participant and the country where you live is not listed or is not PEF-approved, click on this link.

--Rest of the World
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1-801-240-2086 (USA)

To find the PEF Mentoring Center assigned to your country, click on the region where you live on the map or select a country from the drop-down menu.

Self Reliance Centers

Self Reliance Centers will help you to learn about jobs in your area, education and economic trends...

Institutes of Religion

Institutes of religion provide weekday religious instruction for young single adults.