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Carolina, Chile

“I feel humble, thankful, and happy because of this inspired program, through which I was able to finish my schooling and serve others.”

Carolina, Chile

“I began my schooling to become a nursing technician when I already had two children and one on the way, but that did not frighten me, because I knew that I would always have my Heavenly Father’s support to become a professional. The Perpetual Education Fund made it possible.

“My time was split between my home, work, callings, and schooling. The support of my husband was fundamental to my being able to fulfill all my roles. I also found strength in reading the scriptures, keeping up fervent and constant communication with my Heavenly Father through prayer, attending institute each week, and keeping the Sabbath day holy.

“Thanks to my friends from the Perpetual Education Fund, my cell phone became my own Liahona. Just as with Lehi and his family, I gratefully received loving and timely messages of encouragement, guidance, and faith.

“I feel humble, thankful, and happy because of this inspired program, through which I was able to finish my schooling and serve others.

“I have had the opportunity to work in many different areas of health service: adult urgent care, surgery, psychiatry, and even an intensive care unit. However, what has made the biggest impact on me is working for the Bedfast Program. As its name suggests, this program serves those who cannot care for themselves. I went to people’s homes to change bandages, take samples for their tests, and provide other health needs. Not only did I apply my schooling, but I also was a pair of listening ears and a source of understanding and empathy. I had the opportunity to feel the sincere love that our Redeemer has for those whom I served—those who often suffer in silence and loneliness.

“I had always thought that the Perpetual Education Fund was for returned missionaries only. Even though I had had the desire to serve a full-time mission ever since I was little, I was unable to do so. It seemed that my mission was to be the guardian of my home and that going to school or serving a mission was unattainable for me. I was humbled to see the way the Lord prepares a way for His children. I was eventually able to go to school with help from the PEF. Then, not long ago, I received the enormous blessing of being set apart as a service missionary. I am responsible for vaccinating each missionary who arrives at the missionary training center in Chile so that the soldiers of God can head to their mission fields vaccinated.

“I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and am grateful for His infinite Atonement and for His restored gospel. I am striving with all my heart and energy to obey the commandments and to keep the covenants I have made with my Heavenly Father. One day I hope to see approval in Their eyes when They look at what I did with my time upon this lovely earth.

“I know that with the strength of the Lord to help us, everything is possible. Even when we face difficulties and challenges, we are blessed with a perfect plan of happiness that was prepared so that we, His children, do not have to walk alone and can achieve success during our probationary state.”

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