Yount International Loan Program and the Yount Program for Educational Advancement

The Yount International Student Loan Program (formerly Wilkinson Loan Fund) and the Yount Program for Educational Advancement (Yount Loan Programs) have been discontinued and no new loans are available.

Current Yount Loan Program participants may renew their existing loans until they reach their borrowing limits or conclude their current studies leading to a degree or to a certificate of completion.

Since their inception these loan programs have helped hundreds of students with their education pursuits. The programs are being phased out and the Perpetual Education Fund, which administered these programs, is concentrating on its original mission of international assistance.

At the present time we do not plan to offer an alternative loan program that prospective students in the United States may apply for in lieu of the Yount Loan Programs.

We express our gratitude to the donors who have so generously made these funds available to the assist the grateful participants.

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